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Inclusive Sports Facility

Centre of Excellence for Disability Sport, Health and Wellbeing

YMCA East Surrey has secured planning permission for an innovative new Inclusive Sports Facility offering accessible sport and physical activity to address three priorities:

  • Disability sport for people with physical disabilities, sensory impairments or learning disabilities.
  • Health rehabilitation for those with health conditions such as heart disease, joint problems, MS, mental health issues, COPD, strokes or diabetes.
  • Health promotion including sport, exercise and nutritional advice for the elderly, sedentary and overweight.

“I’ve been so lucky to draw on the experience of knowledgeable fitness instructors, who are prepared to go the extra mile to help me through each stage of my recovery. The classes keep me from feeling socially isolated – it’s like being part of one big extended family.”

Randolph, Stroke Rehabilitation class


The build

We are anticipating building work to start in January 2018 and for the new extension be complete later the same year. Features will include:

  • Inclusive sports hall visual1A 500 sq m extension to main building which will house a sports hall with two dedicated Boccia Courts
  • Viewing gallery/activity room
  • Expansion of our inclusive gym to provide more space
  • The addition of a mezzanine level above the current sports hall providing over 400 sq m further, flexible space in two new activity rooms
  • New accessible toilets and showers
  • Refresh of existing toilets and showers
  • Treatment rooms for therapy, consultations and counselling
  • Improved parking

We are working hard to ensure minimal disruption to our activities and services throughout the works.

“I enjoy working as part of a team, helping others and building up my communication skills. Boccia has improved my fitness and I feel much more self-confident.”
Matthew, YMCA Boccia Club member



The YMCA approach

YMCA East Surrey has an impressive track record of providing physical activity for those most in need. Last year around 750 people with disabilities, including 546 young people, took part in our specialised sport and fitness programmes and we had around 9,500 health rehabilitation visits from over 500 adults with ill health.

The demand is increasing and our current facilities cannot cope. The combination of this new, state-of-the-art facility and the YMCA’s welcoming and caring approach will create a centre of excellence for disability sport, health and wellbeing.

“The YMCA has helped enormously. It isn’t only the exercise that has done wonders. The exchange of information with other members is priceless.”

Clifford, Exercise Referral Member



How you can help

To fund this important community resource, we are looking to raise £2.6 million. To date we have raised £2.4 million – with around £2m coming from a variety of Trusts and Foundations, and just over £400,000 from our wonderful local supporters, mostly through our Challenge Events.

You can help us to raise the remaining funding by:

  • Making a donation
  • Running an event, dinner party, cake sale, etc.
  • Encouraging your family, friends and colleagues to support this local resource.
  • Taking part in a YMCA Challenge Event or persuading someone else to!

Find out more

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