YMCA East Surrey

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Terms & conditions – Y-Kids After School
  • Y-Kids registration fee applies to children attending Y-Kids Playscheme or After School Club for the first time at a one-off cost of £10 per child.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to inform us of any changes in circumstances to enable us to keep our records up to date.
  • Children will not be booked in without payment. Please complete booking form and make full payment to reception.
  • By booking the whole week (5 days) in advance you will receive 10% discount. This offer is valid only if the whole week is booked in advance and paid for in one transaction, bookings must be made by 18:00 on the Friday prior to the week you wish your child to attend.
  • Any bookings made after this time will be recorded as a late booking and will be subject to an additional £1.50 per child, per day (£10.00 in total). We cannot guarantee availability for late bookings.
  • Please note that if you do not book your child’s place in advance you run the risk of them not being included in the scheduled pick up from their school, as their name will not appear on our registers. However it is our policy to never leave a child alone, if a child is uncertain as to whether they should wait for their parent/carer or attend Y-Kids After School Club we will always make the decision to bring the child back with us. Child safety is paramount. The school will be informed of this decision.
  • In cases of emergency, we will take bookings over the phone for the current day only, subject to availability. Bookings of this nature must be made before 2.00pm on the day in question. Reception will add your child’s details to the late bookings sheet. This can be paid for by credit card at the time of the booking or at reception when your child is collected on that day. The late booking fee will be implemented. Continuous use of the late booking service is discouraged and will be monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Refunds will not be given for cancelled days. Days may be transferred if requested by the Friday prior to the week that needs altering. All transfers need to be put in writing for the attention of the Out of School Programme Coordinator. All credits must go through the Out of School Programme Coordinator. Reception cannot deal with credits.
  • Children aged 4 years old must be in full-time education to attend the Y-Kids After School Club.
  • Please call Reception on 01737 779979 or the Out of School Programme Coordinator directly on 01737 784977 if your child will not be attending, to enable staff to amend pick up records. In the case of your child being absent from school due to sickness and not attending for more than two days, credits will be given for the third day onwards until the child has returned back to school.
  • Y-Kids After School Club closes at 18:00. Please contact the YMCA if you are held up and unable to arrive by this time. We understand that occasionally unexpected events mean that parents can be late picking up their child, however staff are not contracted to work beyond 18:00. There will therefore be a charge for late pickups of £5.00 per child for each full quarter-hour after 18:00. If we have received no phone call by 19:00, and have been unable to make contact with one of your emergency contacts, Social Services will be contacted.