You can change the life of a local young person facing homelessness for just 40p a day!

When you become a Room Sponsor not only are you giving a vulnerable young person a home, you are giving them a second chance. Being young and homeless can create a cycle of poverty, ill-health, and exclusion that can be impossible to break. Your support will change lives.

It costs just 40p a day to Sponsor a Room!

Your Room Sponsorship will give a young person near you, a safe, stable home, so they can begin their journey to independence.

Give them the first step to a brighter future.

How does Room Sponsorship help a young homeless person?

By sponsoring a room you help us give a vulnerable young person a home. We provide a safe and stable place to live for over 100 young people each year across East Surrey. But, more than that, we give them back faith in their future and put them on a path to independence.

The pressure caused by the Covid-19 pandemic means we need your help more than ever.

By giving £12 a month (40p per day), you will help us:

  • Provide safety for a homeless young person by giving them a safe, warm place to call home
  • End their isolation by welcoming them into our family environment and encouraging them to build trusting relationships with our dedicated key workers
  • Support young people with health and wellbeing as well as practical advice
  • Teach young people basic life skills, such as budgeting and cooking, to enable them to move towards independence
  • Encourage them to get back into education or work
  • End the cycle of poverty and disadvantage

As a valued member of our Room Sponsor community, you’ll receive our welcome pack containing a branded tote bag, as well as regular updates on the young people you’re kindly helping.

RoomSponsor campaign is run by YMCA England & Wales. 100% of profits from Roomsponsor funds generated by sign-ups from the links on this website are distributed back to YMCA East Surrey’s accommodation projects.