YMCA East Surrey

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Our Mission & Values

YMCA East Surrey is a vibrant, local charity that has been responding to the needs of individuals and communities since 1871. We help people to believe in themselves, support them to achieve their goals and inspire them to be the best they can be.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people to develop to their full potential with a focus on those who are vulnerable, have a disability or face disadvantage. We aim to be a resource for the local community and its needs, enhancing the ‘mind body and spirit’ of local people especially the young. We are part of the YMCA Federation, which is recognised for its innovative programmes that help local communities take part in physical activity.

YMCA East Surrey offers a wide range of wholly inclusive, local services from sport and fitness to counselling and therapies, supported housing and youth work to children’s play and volunteering. 

Our Values

  • Striving for excellence
  • Treating everyone fairly and with respect
  • Voluntary service
  • Responding to the needs of all members of the community
  • Holistic approach
  • Encouraging high aspirations
  • Inclusive client led approach
  • Asset model build on strengths rather than focus on weakness

YMCA Federation

YMCA is the largest and oldest youth charity in the world, set up in England in 1844. Over the years, it has evolved into a global movement helping more than 58 million people across 119 different countries. The YMCA federation shares a common goal to create supportive, inclusive and energising communities

YMCA East Surrey is one of 116 YMCAs in England and Wales supporting young people and local communities around the country and we’ve been doing so since 1870!

Visit YMCA England & Wales‘s website to find out more, or watch the manifesto video below.


Did you know?

In spite of what the acronym YMCA stands for – Young Men’s Christian Association – you don’t have to be young, male or have any faith to be involved with the many varied services we offer.