YMCA East Surrey

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Playworker job application form
  • Personal information

  • Training and education

  • Employment

  • Supporting information

  • Personal declarations

    The position for which you are applying involves contact with children and/or vulnerable adults and is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and all subsequent amendments (England and Wales). For these positions you are not entitled to withhold information about police cautions, "bind-overs", or any criminal convictions including any that would otherwise be otherwise considered "spent" under the Act.

  • Declaration (please read carefully)

    I confirm that the information which I have given is complete and accurate. I consent for the information contained in this form and any information received by, or on behalf of YMCA East Surrey, in relation to the subject of this form, being processed by them in the recruitment process. By submitting this application to us you are declaring your consent. Any false statements or omissions may result in the withdrawal of any offer of employment or dismissal.