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Refer a Young Person

Youth Services referral process

For a young person to participate in one of our Youth Services projects, a referral must be made. For the purposes of local prevention activity, a young person can be considered as ‘at risk’ where they display one or more risk factors that will have a significant impact on their future participation in education, training and employment, or increase their likelihood of offending.

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The judgement as to whether the risk factors presented are significant will be at the professional discretion of those workers who engage with young people.

The risk factors to consider include when a young person:

  • Is a looked after child
  • Has involvement with the police or has offended
  • Is attending alternative learning provision (e.g. SALP)
  • Has low school attendance (at least below 80%)
  • Has been permanently excluded or received fixed term exclusions
  • Has a learning difficulty or disability most likely evidenced by school action, school action + or statement
  • Is eligible for free school meals or lives is area of deprivation (top 30% of Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index)
  • Has English as additional language (EAL)
  • Has low school attainment; most likely evidenced by not achieving Level 4 in English and maths at KS2
  • Is member of Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community
  • Is a child in need
  • Is a teenage parent or is pregnant
  • Is a young carer
  • Is facing family issues like bereavement or parental separation
  • Is involved in substance misuse
  • Has mental health or emotional well-being issues
  • Is facing other health problems that affect their participation

This list is not exhaustive and other risk factors may be considered where they have been agreed through discussion with the Contract Performance Officer.

Please complete the downloadable referral form at the top of this page and return by post or scan and email to the below address.

In every case the person referring a young person will get an acknowledgement that the form has been received and is being processed.

Heads Together counselling

If you would like to speak to the Heads Together counselling team, please contact them directly.
T 01737 378481
E headstog@ymcaeastsurrey.org.uk

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