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Sleep Easy

Sleep rough so others don’t have to!
Saturday 4 March 2017

Thank you to our SleepEasy 2017  team of over 50 councillors, residents, staff, students, friends & supporters swapped their warm comfy bed for a cardboard box and sleeping bag to raise the profile of homelessness.

An amazing £12,000+ has been raised so far to help YMCA East Surrey’s work with youth homelessness and unemployment.

You can still support our Sleep Easy fundraisers by making a donation and quoting ‘Sleep Easy’.


Why Sleep Easy?

At any time YMCA Hillbrook House provides safe accommodation and additional support for 44 young people who could otherwise be homeless. Often they lack the very basics needed to help them back into employment – money for a DBS check, a suit for an interview or travel expenses. By taking part in Sleep Easy, you could raise money for our employment support fund and help get a local young person back on their feet.

“I had no money to buy anything to wear for my job interview or to travel to work as I wasn’t due to receive my wages for 4 weeks. The employment support fund helped me with this otherwise I would have had no option but to stay on benefits. This fund has allowed me to find a job and stick at it.”

“The employment support fund allowed me to find work and keep a roof over my head for the first time.”

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