YMCA East Surrey aims to ensure each child and young person:

  • Will be respected as an individual, listened to, have their feelings respected and opinions valued
  • Has access to stimulating fun and creative activities, supporting and encouraging each person’s individual stage of physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth
  • Is given the opportunity to make new friends, discover new skills, realise their full potential and develop confidence and positive image.
  • Will be welcomed into a safe, secure environment with a happy, friendly atmosphere
  • Will be cared for by experienced and skilled staff that understand and value the needs of children and young people
  • Will be given praise, encouragement and the opportunity to succeed in an environment where positive behaviour is promoted and self-discipline is encouraged
  • Will be encouraged to show consideration and respect for each other, staff members and the environment


Staff value children's thoughts and opinions greatly. They always listen to children's ideas and skillfully help children to recognise that opinions differ.
Children learn to respect the views of their friends. Children demonstrate that they feel safe, secure and happy. They confidently communicate with the staff, who they form lovely relationships with. Children play and explore intently.

Ofsted report 2020 | Y-Kids, Redhill

Y-Kids, Redhill | Ofsted registration no. 122628
Yippee Club, Reigate | Ofsted registration no. EY407384
YMCA Sovereign Pre-school | Ofsted registration no. EY492198
YMCA Merstham Hub Pre-school | Ofsted registration no. EY557339

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