Join our free training cycle rides and walks – whether you are taking part in one of our YMCA Challenges or not!

If you are signed up for one of our challenge events, we encourage you to take advantage of our free training. Not only will it ensure you are fully prepared for your challenge, but it will give you an opportunity to meet fellow challengers and the rest of the team. We always advise you to do as much as you can in addition to our training programme – the more you do, the more you will really enjoy your experience!

Even if you’re not taking part in one of our events, we’d love you to join us for a group cycle or walk to explore the local area.

2021 Group Training Cycle Rides

Join our free group cycle rides to prepare for our 2021 cycle challenges. Each ride will be tailored to build mileage for each of our cycling challenge events. All are welcome, even if you are not taking part in an event.

All rides are carried out at participants’ own risk. All cyclists must wear a helmet, bring a drink and be aware that rides are on public roads and road or hybrid bikes are most suitable.

Tuesday evening cycle rides

From Tuesday 30 March 2021, we will resume our weekly Tuesday evening cycle rides leaving the YMCA in Earlswood at 18:30. Distance will depend on numbers and daylight – book Tuesday rides here.

For details of offroad cycle training, please contact Fran Stevens at

For further information, please email

Offroad cycling download

If you’re joining our Pennine Way MTB Bike challenge or just love offroad cycling, Fran Stevens, one of our cycling event leaders, has written an excellent guide to offroad cycling in the local area, including gpx routes to download.

2021 Group Training Walks

Join us for our free training walks to prepare for our Welsh Seven Summits and Y2Y North Downs Trek challenges. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you are booked on a YMCA Challenge Event or not.

Wednesday evening Colley Hill circuits

From Wednesday 31 March 2021, we will resume our Colley Hill circuits starting from Pilgrims Way, Reigate at 18:30 – number of loops will depend on daylight available – book Wednesday Colley Hill circuits here

For more information about these training walks, please email Kim Roderick

Walking route downloads

Alison Steel, one of our challenge event leaders, has kindly pulled together a few local walks that you may like to do in your own time.

Be Cycle Safe

Tips on cycling safely in a group when training with the YMCA or riding solo

• Use clear hand signals
• Make eye contact with other road users
• Wear bright clothing
• Cycle well away from the gutter and a door’s width from parked cars
• Stay well back from large vehicles
• Don’t weave but stay on a predictable straight course
• Use lights when visibility is poor

• Obey the Highway Code
• Avoid riding two abreast on busy roads, on bends and never ride three abreast
• Use group etiquette by pointing out hazards using hand and verbal warnings
• Don’t zip ahead of the leader or drop behind the back marker
• If you are stopping, make sure you give warning to other riders to say that you are stopping and do not immediately stop. Find a sensible place to stop, not on corners, where you can be seen and cars can easily pass you.

• Be alert
• Don’t use mobile phones or earpieces
• Wear a cycle helmet
• Wear gloves and carry a waterproof
• Make sure you have enough water; and food in case your energy levels drop
• Carry all you need for puncture repairs for your bike
• Carry ICE in mobile
• Carry identification

YMCA Fitness Centre

If you really want to improve your fitness, check out our fully inclusive, modern, air-conditioned gym which is full of cardiovascular and resistance machines to give you all round fitness. In addition, our fully qualified gym team will be on hand to provide you with a bespoke fitness programme to complement your chosen challenge.

Other training opportunities

Redhill Cycling Club have a range of rides taking place on Saturday mornings for all abilities.

Reigate Priory Athletic Club offer a range of training sessions for everyone. Other local running clubs include Earlswood Running Club and Reigate Ladies Joggers.

Team Cake organise regular social cycle rides.

Local cycle rides – Mike Ormerod, who leads a lot of our training rides, has set up this very handy guide, including tea stops!

Travel Smart Surrey – lots of useful information on cycling routes and training for beginners

Find out more

For more information, please contact the Challenge Events fundraising team.

T 01737 779979

Updates will be available on YMCA Challenge Facebook and Twitter pages, so please follow us.