Inclusive sporting and social activities for young adults aged 16+ with disabilities

Autumn term

£45 per session

Inclusive social activities

Tuesdays | 09:30-14:00
Socials  | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate

Thursdays | 12:00-16:30
Socials  | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate

Fridays | 09:30-14:00
Arts and Social | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate

These sessions will offer higher tiers of support with structured and non-structured activities.

Term dates
Autumn term 2 | Friday 5 Nov – Friday 17 Dec 2021
Spring term 1 | Thursday 6 Jan – Friday 11 Feb 2022
Spring term 2 | Monday 21 Feb – Friday 1 April 2022

Inclusive structured activities designed to build life skills

Mondays | 09:30-14:00
Sports | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate
Try out a variety of inclusive sports

Tuesdays | 09:30-14:00
Lifeskills | YMCA Horley Family Centre, Horley
Travel training, trips out, social skills, cooking and job readiness activities

Wednesdays | 09:00-14:00
Job Club  | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate
Help to run a new under 5’s soft play session whilst learning about session planning, setting up, making hot drinks and snacks, risk assessments and keeping children safe.

Wednesdays | 09:30-14:00
Gardening | YMCA Allotment, Princes Road, Redhill
Learn about all aspects of gardening, as well as being physically active and spending time with others. We have access to inside space when necessary.

Thursdays | 09:30-14:00
Cooking Club | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate
Make a healthy meal each week and learn about how to create a balanced meal, order food and understand money management.

Fridays | 09:30-14:00
Arts | YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate
Explore different art forms which will vary each week. Young people work to their own level and have a range of different tasks to challenge and stimulate.

Term dates

Autumn term 2 | Monday 1 Nov – Friday 17 Dec 2021
Spring term 1 | Thursday 6 Jan – Friday 11 Feb 2022
Spring term 2 | Monday 21 Feb – Friday 1 April 2022

COVID-19 precautions

Despite the easing of restrictions, LifeWorks sessions will continue to involve social distancing throughout. We encourage all staff and participants to wear a face-covering when inside communal areas. Please speak to YMCA staff regarding any exemptions of this.

Find out more

For more information about our face-to-face or online sessions, please contact Jade Birch.

01737 222859

Join our LifeWorks Facebook group where our youth workers will be keeping in touch with everyone online.