Claudia Brunt

I’m Claudia and I have been personal training now for 9 years. I’m also anti/post natal trained and am registered on the R.E.P.S website. I have qualifications in aerobics, circuit, body conditioning and core training.

If you want to reach your goals, improve your fitness and be motivated then give me a call for a chat.
T 07811 527033

Terence Castle-Greene

Hi, I’m Terry, I am a fully qualified and insured R.E.P.S registered personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

Having spent 10 years as a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army, I expect the best and give the best in all my training and classes.

Over the last two years I have done personal training for people from all walks of life and all with very different fitness levels and goals, from lawyers to midwifes, athletes to post natal mums. The only constant was the fact that I pushed them all to their own personal limits as quickly and safely as possible either at the gym in their homes or out-side training. If you want to pay someone to smile at you and tell you you’re doing great no matter what, then you need to look elsewhere, if you want that extra encouragement to be pushed to your maximum then give me a call.

I take your results personally. As well as personal training and sports massage I also run both private intense courses and public weekly classes from the YMCA.

Talk to me in the gym, ask at reception or call/email me for details and prices.
T 07886 844689

Carmel Dalby

I believe that exercise is not just beneficial but necessary for everyone.. absolutely everyone.. both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be hard work, fun and rewarding, whatever your aspirations. From personal experience I know how satisfying it is to reach your goals, and I look forward to helping you achieve yours – whatever they are.

If you want to be pushed to meet those goals, using
a programme personally tailored for you, give me a call. Your programme might include core training, bodyweight exercise, HIIT training, kettle bells, suspended movement or other training methods appropriate for you. I am also happy to provide nutritional advice to increase the positive impact of lifestyle changes, together with postural correction techniques to ensure your body is operating in the best way possible.

If you don’t work hard, you don’t get results. If you are prepared to work hard, I will support you in your quest for personal improvement!

I love to challenge myself and enjoy trying new things. I have a 2nd dan black belt in Kyokushin karate, have completed several half marathons and mud runs, played roller derby for 4 years and I am currently learning pole dance. Contact me for a free consultation!
T 0785 483 0097

Andrew Massey

Hi, I’m Andy! I provide personal and group training outside and within YMCA East Surrey. I have been Personal Training for several years and also have many years experience in Sports Coaching. I have additional qualifications in management of lower back pain and corrective exercise dealing with shoulder, back, knee, ankle and other issues.

I can produce specific, goal orientated programmes for people no matter what your shape, size or age is and help you achieve your goals, such as losing body fat, drop a dress size, improving your health and fitness.

I am also able to advise on any issues concerning weight management and nutrition to help compliment your exercise regime. As well as this I specialise in Total Body Toning, Core work, Cardio Training, Bodybuilding and Sports specific training including Boxing and Kettle Bell Training – using all available equipment including cardio and resistance machines, free weights, resistance bands and Swiss balls.

So if you interested in being challenged within your regular training or just need some short term help to streamline and make your own exercise routines more efficient and effective, please contact me!
T 07753687974

Check my website for more information:

Suzan Szokene

I’m Zsuzsa a R.E.P.S qualified and insured mobile personal trainer. I’m passionate about my job and completely in love with fitness.

I’m my own advertisement…after losing 61,7 lb there is no way back. I’m here to motivate you every step of the way!!!

Personal training sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, be it fat loss, toning/muscle building, getting fit or getting strong.

Sessions may include Weight Training, HIIT, Tabata training, Kettlebells, Body weight training, Core and Abdominal training.

Before we do anything together I will ask you for your 7 day food diary which we can discuss and then work on the nutritional information. Together we will achieve amazing results!
M 07949-922301

Liz Wilson

I am qualified in Level 2 & 3 in Gym Instruction, Boxercise, Kettle Bell, Core, Studio Spinning, Circuits, Aerobics and Step. Also instruction for many disabilities including Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Over the last 3-4 months I have lost 28lb in weight, purely though exercise and changing my diet. I love doing Kettle Bell as this gives you a top to toe workout and think this is one of the things that has helped me change shape.

I enjoy Spinning, Boxing and anything that challenges me and have completed 3 half marathons and several 10km races.

For more details, please visit