Please ensure you are familiar with our bookings and cancellation policy before booking fitness classes.


  • Members can book 7 days in advance via the YMCA East Surrey app (search ‘YMCA East Surrey’ on the Apple App Store or Google PlayStore) or in person at the YMCA Sports and Community Centre, Redhill.
  • Pay As You Go members must pay for classes at the time of booking. This can be done through the app or in person.


  • If you can no longer attend the class, please cancel with as much notice as possible but more than an hour before – this will allow other people to take part in the class.
  • Members who book classes for ‘free’/£0.00 can cancel bookings via the app.
  • Pay as You Go members cannot cancel via the app at this time. To cancel your booking, please call reception on 01737 779979 or visit us in person at the centre.

No shows / late arrivals

  • Please remember to arrive up to 10 minutes before the class starts.
  • Late arrivals (after advertised class start time) will not be able to gain entry to the class.
  • Pay As You Go members will not receive a refund for being late or not turning up for a class.
  • We now run a 3 strike system. The reception team will look at each class and put a strike on the accounts of those that didn’t turn up. If the person gets a second strike, reception will email them with a final warning. If the person gets a third strike, reception will lock their app account. They will still be able to attend classes but will no longer be able to book in advance via the app. The member can then request to have their account unlocked after 1 month but this will be at the Fitness Manager’s discretion.