A junior induction must be completed for 13-15year olds before using the gym. In the session, you’ll be taught how to use cardiovascular machines, how to perform resistance exercises and how to structure a programme. Following the induction, juniors can take advantage of our Junior Monthly membership rate of just £10 a month and use the gym!

Our friendly gym staff are here to help motivate and encourage any teens to find exercises that work for them and to build a love of fitness from an early age.

Junior Members are entitled to:

  • Use the cardio and resistance machines (free weights can only be used by gym users aged 16+)
  • Use the gym anytime you want.

Junior Induction information

  • All junior inductions must be booked in at the time of payment (usually £15 per induction)
  • Contact information and a health questionnaire will need to be completed with a parent/guardian present
  • Appropriate gym clothing/trainers should be worn at all times
  • If the junior member has not attended the gym within the last 12 months an induction refresher is required

Find out more

For more information and to book, please contact reception.

T 01737 779979

YMCA Sports and Community Centre, Princes Road, Redhill, RH1 6JJ