17 May 2021

Group exercise classes are back! From Monday 17 May we are delighted to restart our onsite group exercise classes once again. We can’t wait to get back to such an essential and fun way of exercising, whether its working up a sweat in BodyPump or indoor cycling classes or flexing and stretching together in a yoga class.

Research has proven that exercise is not only great for your physical health but for your mental health as well, and can lower your stress levels, improve your mood and even decrease symptoms of anxiety. But did you know that going to a group fitness class can be even more beneficial than working out solo? 

Studies have shown that people who partake in group exercise classes report less stress and more emotional and mental benefits than those who worked on their fitness alone or didn’t go to the gym at all.  

So, why is it better to work out with other people than by yourself? 

Possibly the best thing about our group exercise classes is the very fact that they are all led by one of our qualified health and fitness professionals. Our fitness classes are designed to get results, so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and don’t know your gluteus maximus from your tricep, or which exercises are best for burning fat or building muscles, simply choose a class, turn up and follow the instructor at the front. Easy right? 

Our group exercise classes can also keep your workout routine exciting! When left to your own devices in the gym or at home people often find themselves doing the same thing over and over which can feel monotonous and lead to a lack of motivation. The variety of inclusive fitness classes available here at YMCA East Surrey will ensure you can have some fun and keep your fitness plan fresh – one day you could be dancing, then cycling the next, followed by lifting weights, stretching or boxing! 

There is also strength in numbers at group exercise classes. The positive energy given to you by being spurred on by your instructor and fellow attendees is truly empowering and will help you alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Not only can the encouragement of your classmates push you harder than training alone, but you benefit from real emotional support not just for your fitness journey but for your life in general through a proper support network of workout buddies. 

Come and join us at one of our inclusive group exercise classes to enjoy some fitness fun? 

Spring Back Into Fitness – Join for just £21 per month until 30 June with no start-up fee!

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited use of our refurbished and fully staffed gym
  • Access to fitness classes
  • Book classes 7 days in advance on our new app (download on Google Play or Apple App Store)
  • Free gym induction
  • No start-up fee (normally £15)

Offer only available by joining online and valid until 30.06.2021. Promotional rate of £21pm applies for April, May and June 2021 only, after which the normal monthly rate of £29pm will be charged. Terms and conditions apply

Booking our onsite classes is now live via the app!